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The middle school years are a time of change, and the Colonial Middle School counseling staff feels it's important for all students to feel supported during these three years.

With that in mind, the counselors assist students, parents, teachers, administrators and other school personnel to ensure a comfortable and effective learning environment for all students.

School Counselors help by:

  • Facilitating the transition process from elementary to middle school and middle to high school for both students and parents.
  • Guiding students in choosing appropriate courses to help prepare them for high school.
  • Encouraging student involvement in school community and extracurricular activities including sports, clubs and volunteer participation.
  • Holding regular meetings with teachers to discuss student successes and areas for improvement. If a consistent problem exists, counselors meet with the student, teacher, and/or parent to discuss strategies to solve the issue.
  • Providing career enrichment by pushing into Family and Consumer Sciences classes, organizing a 7th Grade Career Day and assisting students in identifying broad career interests and the academic preparation required in high school for success in their particular areas of interest.
  • Advocating for the educational rights of students and help all students trust that they can be successful.

Additional Support Available through the Child Study Team

The Colonial Middle School Child Study Team is an intervention and referral team comprised of administrative, counseling, teaching and support personnel that has been instituted in order to provide students and families with assistance in dealing with issues related to:
  • Attendance problems
  • Academic impediments
  • Behavioral difficulty
  • Social issues
  • School health concerns.

The Child Study Team will provide out-reach, support and aftercare services within the school setting and will serve as the liaison to treatment providers within the community.

How it works

Teachers, administrative staff, counselors or support personnel can make a referral to the Child Study Team if they notice a change in the student’s behavior and have tried other resources to aid the student. In addition students can refer themselves to the Child Study Team through their guidance counselor. Parents and students can also make referrals to the Child Study Team at any time by speaking to their school counselor.