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Flyers: A Lesson in Bag Fumblery

Hayden Downer (8th grade) breaks down another Philly sports collapse -- this time the trainwreck that was the Philadelphia Flyers March 2024.

"Since," a Poem

8th grader Olivia Nero digs deep for a poem about loss and the emotions surrounding it.

Orchestra vs. Band

7th grader Anna Peirce interviews students on the benefits of band v. orchestra. The winner is...

"I lost," a poem

In this poem about winning and losing, 8th grader Sophia Joseph makes us feel all the feels. 

Free the T-Rex

7th grader Maya Swan argues that it is time to free the t-rex for all our benefits.

Musical Enrichment

6th grader Krish Shah dives into the benefits of music and the enrichment that it 

Welcome the Geese

Maeve O'Connell welcomes our newest "students" to CMS this spring: the geese.

Ice Hockey v. Field Hockey

6th grader Krish Shah dives into the differences between the two most popular hockey-related sports: field and ice.

Jay's Jokes

Jayson Kelly is back with another edition of "Jay's Jokes," where he finds the best memes and puns on the 'net. 

CMS Sportscast: Question of the Month (February 2024)

6th grader Cameron Moore is back with his Question of the Month (QOTM) -- this time about Wilt Chamberlin's 100 point game in 1962, inspired, in part by Joel Embiid's recent historic 70-point performance in January 2024.

Rise of the Stanley

7th grader Maeve O'Connell investigates the viral cup: Stanley. Where did it come from? Why is it so popular?

The Weird (but Unenforced) Laws of the USA

7th grader Maeve O'Connell explores the weird laws of the USA that are on the books but are unenforced. Hey -- did you know it's illegal for a chicken to cross the road in Georgia?

Doc Ock or Green Goblin?

6th grader Ari Goretsky explores this Marvel villain battle between 2 of the most controversial spider man villains: Doc Ock vs Green Goblin. 

Controversial Questions (and their answers!)

6th grader Oren Lavon explores the world's most controversial questions (ok, not really) -- is cereal a soup? Is water wet? Is the hotdog a sandwich or taco? Oren not only explores the questions, but gives us the answers we all need.

Is Homework Really Necessary?

6th graders Oren Lavon and Shawn Goretsky take a deep dive into the history of HW and answer the age-old question Is HW Really Necessary?

76ers: Mess and Distress

8th grader Christian Colclough investigates the 76ers current situation, including the recent separation from superstar James Harden.

The G.O.A.T.S.

7th grader Maeve O'Connell investigates her favorite goats. Which one is her favorite? The results will shock you.

Daily Rubbish: UN Finds a Plan to Unite the World

8th grader David Hayman is back with his latest satirical article for the Daily Rubbish. This time, the United Nations has found a plan to unite the world over something we all dislike...the answer will shock you.

CMS Sportscast: Question of the Month

6th graders Cameron Moore starts his CMS SPORTSCAST Question of the Month. For November, the focus is the Phillies and what's next given their disappointing exit from the NLCS this year.

Missing Mrs. Simonetti

8th grader Kaili Stauffer bids farewell to a guidance counselor with many, many years of experience.

Doc is Out: Nurse is In

8th grader Davin Haley welcomes Nick Nurse to Philly as he prepares to coach the Philadelphia 76ers.

Where Did it All Go?

Maeve O'Connell (6th grade) chronicles why our bags are only half full. Or half empty, depending on how you look at it.

The Artichoke: June Edition

Ayana Willoughby is back with her satirical article series: this time, she reports on a doctor who cures a tongue disease through perscribing an usual sweet treat.

American Sign Language

8th grader Amelia Johnson makes the case for having ASL be a fourth language to teach here at CMS.

NBA Finals Preview

8th grader Davin Haley breaks down the upcoming 2023 NBA finals between the Denver Nuggets and the Miami Heat.

The Artichoke, Volume III

Babies on planes? Buzzfeed taking over the Daily Rubbish? Wrongful egg imprisonment? 8th grader Ayana Willoughby is churning out satire faster than we can keep up. Read below for all the latest installments.

Computer's Complaint

6th grader Maeve O'Connell's creative personification satire explores a complaint from an unusual device. 


8th grader Thea Markus investigates what Bumblebee Bats are.

Procrastinaton is ...

Alyssa VanBuren investigates how procrastination affects students and the she says the best way to fix it is . . . never mind, she'll tell us later.

Daily Rubbish: ChatGPT Takes My Job

7th grader David Hayman realizes he may no longer be needed to write his satire column, The Daily Rubbish, since AI seems to write satire pretty, pretty well.

Odyssey of the Mind

7th grader Thea Kupersmith takes a deep dive into Odyssey of the Mind -- a club that competes in creative ways. 

Ask Miss Fortune

6th graders Annabel O’Neill and Maya Swan try their luck at a Dear-Abby style response column.

The Artichoke

8th grader Ayana Willoughby gives us CMS' version of The Onion -- this story featuring your ubiquitous "Florida Man"

Welcome Mr. Wysocki

6th grader Jordan Paul interviews Mr. Wysocki, our new-to-CMS ELA teacher in 6th grade. 

Football Soldiers

6th grader Annabel O'Neill investiages two Ukranian football players who chose to serve in the Ukranian army. 

Philly Sports, 2/28/2023

8th grader Blake Ambler gives an update on Philly sports, including the recent championship loss by the PWMS ice hockey team.

The Vengeance of the Pencils

6th grader Maeve O'Connell tells a story of vengeance of the most unusual kind—the uprising of the discarded pencils here at CMS. 

close up of hand writing with pen

7th grader Jayson Kelly shares his favorite jokes and memes.

The Lunar Lavendar

7th grader Ana Schultz writes a fictional piece that explores an interstellar discovery.

Philly Sports: 2/2/2023

Blake Ambler gives a February update to Philly sports as the Eagles look ahead to Super Bowl LVII.

What's Groundhog's Day?

8th grader Amelia Johnson explores the tradition of Pennsylvania's most famous groundhog and what it means for us as we wonder if there's snow coming or an early spring...

Philly Sports, 1/17/2023

8th grader Blake Ambler looks at the Phillies off-season, the Eagles playoff chances, and the Sixers and Flyers finding their groove.

Should Students Have HW?

The debate of whether students should  have homework or not has been going around for many years. 6th grader Ivy Piersol looks at the pros and cons of this controversial topic.

First page of the PDF file: DSC_4460

8th grader Amelia Johnson sits down with new Assistant Principal, Mrs. Spivey to welcome her to CMS.


6th grader Oliver Nasatir looks deeply into the history of innovation and innovative inventions.

Manufacturing Madness

6th grader Claire Stephens explores how 6th graders at CMS are becoming some of the best manufacturers in the country.

Global Warming

6th grader Maeve O'Connell dives into what Global Warming is, why it's happening, and why we should care.

Zoos or Rescues?

6th grader Abby Bellezza interviews a zookeeper at Elmwood Park Zoo and the Wildcat Sanctuary Director about the idea of helping animals through a zoo or an animal rescue.

Welcome: Mrs. McClenton

8th grader Amelia Johnson interviews Mrs. McClenton for a student-view of one of our new assistant principals. 


6th grader Zoe McCaffrey has a riddle in the form of a poem for us:

Splatoon 3

6th grader Molly Carder explores the new game Splatoon 3 by Nintendo.

Should CMS Get a Day Off After Halloween?

8th grader Thea Markus knows that students are often tired when November 1st falls on a weekday. If students had the day after Halloween off, wouldn't it be better for everyone? 

Moon Knight

Davin Haley takes a look at the latest television series from the Marvel Comics Universe. 

"A million thoughts rushed through my head at once. I could feel my heart vibrating underneath my hospital gown as my skin started to crawl. I had to get out of here. Now." Find out what happens next! 

A tribute to Asian-American and Pacific-Islander Heritage Month in verse by CMS sixth grader Brandon Tupchong

"My Favorite Quote" in speech bubble

Find out why seventh grader Maddox Starr believes that quotes are "Legal Plagiarism" and learn his thoughts on the human condition based on a quote of questionable origin. 

upper and lowercase letters written in cursive on a practice sheet

Some people think of cursive lettering as troublesome, while others believe it is easy. Then there are the people that do not even remember or know how to write in cursive at all.