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The mission of the Colonial Middle School Library is to be an integral part of the school and its surrounding communities by providing a safe, nurturing and inviting environment which will ensure all students acquire the necessary information literacy skills and knowledge to lead them into the 21st century.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Colonial Middle School Library is to prepare instruction which fosters competence in determining informational needs and stimulate reading, viewing and using information and ideas.

In pursuit of that vision, our library will:

  • Provide a library media program that supports and enriches the curriculum through the use of up-to-date technology.
  • Encourage all students to become ethical users of technology and information resources in all formats.
  • Support the school’s curriculum and reading initiatives.
  • Work collaboratively with teachers to develop educational strategies to meet information needs.
  • Provide physical access to materials in all formats and have available materials and resources that will supplement the curriculum.
  • Provide leadership, instruction and consulting assistance in the use of instructional and information technology.
  • Promote the use of the library media center through library activities for students and faculty.
  • Provide a program that encourages students to become effective ethical users of technology in all formats.
  • Provide the basis of research to students and staff by using the “Big6” research process.
  • Provide opportunities for all to join in a community of readers who share a life-long love of reading.


The Colonial Middle School Library believes:

  • All students can learn.
  • All students benefit from developmentally appropriate materials, practices and strategies.
  • All students deserve a quality education where individual needs are met, exceeded and supported.
  • School is not just about students – it encompasses families, parents and community.
  • Students need to be encouraged to see the connections between learning and prior knowledge.
  • The library program will enrich and support the educational objectives of the school.