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Policies and Procedures

How to check out a book:

1. Bring materials to the circulation desk.

2. Type in your student number.

3. Regular books are checked out for two weeks. Magazines are checked out for one week. Reference books are checked out overnight only and brought back the following day before or during homeroom.

4. Books may be renewed as long as it is not for a project where other students need the information found in them.

5. Do not hold your materials out until after the due date because you will have to pay a fine. Please come back and renew your materials. It will save you money! The point of the fine is to teach responsibility!

6. Fine Schedule: For every day after the due date that the materials are not returned:

    • Regular Books: 5 cents a day
    • Magazine: 10 cents a day
    • Reference Books: 25 cents a day

7. Fines do not increase once material has been returned. If the materials are returned but youhave not paid the fine, the fine will stay on your account until it is paid.

Overdue Notices

Phone calls will be made home once per week for anyone with an overdue item. If you returned your materials and keep getting overdue notifications by phone, please see a member of the library staff so that we can work with you to help locate the materials. If the you owe a fine, you'll continue to get phone calls until the fine is paid.