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Philly Sports (by Blake Ambler, 8th)

Phillies- The Philadelphia Phillies have added even more players to their roster to make them even better. They added 2 time All Star Gregory Soto to the bullpen and a backup utility infielder, Kody Clemens, in a trade with their former team, the Detroit Tigers. The Phillies gave up Nick Maton, a utility player, Donny Sands, Cather, and Matt Vierling, Outfielder. They also traded for Relief Pitcher Yunior Marte from the Giants. The Giants receiver Erik Miller, the
Giants current 23rd best prospect.

Eagles- The 2022-23 Philadelphia Eagles are too good to the NFC having the best record in the conference. They have a first round bye so hopefully all of these players will take this to their advantage and rest up for the next game against the Giants on Saturday at the Linc. If they win 3 more games they win the Super Bowl.

Flyers- The Philadelphia Flyers are starting to win games winning 6 out of their last 7 games. They are still the 25 best team in the league but that's better than the 28th best when the 7 games started. The Nhl All Star game is on its way and they need you to vote so help out for favorite Flyers to get them into the All Star game.

Sixers- The Philadelphia 76ers on a roll 4th in the conference and 10 games above a .500 win percentage.(25-10 record) Sixers player Tyresse Maxey now will be selling shoes because of his show deal that he has just signed. The Sixers have got the star players all to return from their injuries so they should continue to win games. The NBA All Star game is on its way and they
need you to vote so help out your favorite Sixers to get them into the All Star game.