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by Blake Ambler (8th)

Phillies- The Phillies through arbitration* have resigned flame throwing left hander Jose Alvarado. There Spring Training* started on Saturday the 25th playing a split squad game against the Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees. Both games were in Florida The lost to the Tigers and beat the Yankees. The Phillies should have a good season with the great offseason
they had!

Eagles- The Eagles lost the Super Bowl. Questionable call after call, most not going away, may have impacted the game but the Eagles Defense can’t give up 24 points in the last half if they want to win the Big Game. They have lost both of these coordinators so who knows how that will affect them in the upcoming season.

Flyers- The Flyers are 7th in the division out of the playoffs. They traded Isaac Ratcliffe, an AHL player, for future considerations. The trade deadline is coming up soon meaning that some of their players today may not be on the team tomorrow. James Van Riemsdyk is one of the players rumored to be leaving the team shortly due to trade.

Sixers- The Sixers are 3rd in their conference with a playoff spot still intact. They had an unfortunate loss against the Celtics by 3 points. Hope their season continues to go well and as it has been. The NBA trade deadline is over so everyone on their team will be in the organization for the rest of the season.

Bonus: PWMS Ice hockey- I know that I don’t normally talk about Pdub sports but I play on the Ice Hockey team. Both are hockey teams, AAA and A, lost in devastating games in the Chip. Both teams had great seasons with the AAA team winning 9 games and only losing 2 and the A team winning 10 games and only losing 2. Unfortunately for both teams one of their losses was at a terrible time. The PW hockey program at the Middle school level won 19 games
with only 2 teams. They played a total of 23 games. 19-4 as a program is unheard of. Being 10-2 or 9-2 is also unheard of, every player on both teams should be proud of the season they played because it was a historical season. It just didn't end how we wanted.

*Arbitration- meaning they have the rights to the player and a judge decides how much the Phillies need to pay based on what the player wants and what the Phillies think he's worth.

Spring Training- The Preseason for baseball