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by Maeve O'Connell (7th)

There are plenty of laws that exist in this world that make sense. There are also laws in this
world that don’t.

Some of them are just more outrageous than others, like the fact that in Georgia, chickens are not permitted to cross the road. This completely changes the joke of, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” to, “Why didn’t the chicken cross the road?” and that isn’t even funny anymore, because all of the humor is drained from it.

Next I would like to outline the fact that in Idaho, it is illegal to ride a merry-go-round on a Sunday, and if this was enforced, jails would need to be a whole lot bigger, and along with that, the juvies as well.

It might interest you that in Portland, Maine, stepping out of a plane mid flight is illegal. The really fascinating thing about this is that 1. You would need to actually get out of the plane, and safety measures would probably stop you from getting out altogether. 2. Enforcing this would entail actually putting a live person in jail, and unless you had pre prepared and had a parachute with you, then you would most likely perish upon impact.

Parking your elephant on Main street is illegal in Virginia, which implies that people regularly
drive elephants. Something else that I, personally, find confusing, is that it says “Main street,”
but that is a relatively common name and it is probable that there is more than one street that is called Main street.

These are just a few of the undeniably weird laws across the U.S, they aren’t enforced
(Obviously.) but it would certainly be a very different world if they were.